Welcome to AP U.S. History!

This course is designed to increase the student’s understanding of United States History from its beginning to the present, its development and institutions.

Our goals for this course are for each of you to develop:

  1. an understanding of some of the principle themes of U.S. History, from early exploration and settlement to the present day
  2. an ability to analyze historical evidence.
  3. an ability to analyze and to express historical understanding in writing and other forms of communication.

AP U.S. History is a rigorous, fast paced and challenging course designed to be the equivalent of a college freshman U.S. History survey course. This course prepares students to take the College Board Advanced Placement United States History examination and possibly receive college credit.

A great deal of our focus throughout the year will be on the exam, but I hope that this year will prepare you also for the hurtles that lie ahead in your academic and professional lives.  Throughout the year you will develop stronger time-management skills and effective study habits.  You will become critical thinkers and  deep readers.  You will learn how to empathize with the past and how to use historical knowledge as a guide to your present understanding and actions.  And it is those skills that go beyond the exam and will follow you beyond the four walls of my classroom and out into the world.